About Us


  CALMAC Intl. is a brand owner & manufacturer which engaged in research & produce of skin care product for a long time. Focusing on the high-end consumer group in the world and concentrating on the mode of personalized service, CALMAC has the world's highest ability on R & D of cosmetics which is certificated not only by GMPC(Good Manufacturing Practice Of Cosmetic Products), but also by QMS of ISO 22716: 2007.

 The production has made great efforts in every repeated research, experiment until the finalization. 

 CALMAC strives for excellence.

 CALMAC is willing to provide the distinctive luxury for every traveler.

 CALMAC is adhering to the conception of being pioneer, and the idea of gathering parts into a whole and making hard things simple  has penetrated into the enterprise.

 CALMAC is adhering to the conception of being pioneer. The skin care series takes 6 years: Layout and planning in 2011, design and development from 2011 to 2015, volume production and quality test in 2016, meeting you in 2017.

 Layout and planning: As the philosophy ‘Luxury creates through effort & enjoyment,  depends on your experience and intention’, we create new series of products on the basis of your demands. 

 Design and development: CALMAC adheres to the artisan spirits, adopts the research experience from top Japanese technology, the formula and the recoverable packaging which are selected from one in million, in order to create a natural product.

Quality Test and Production: Execute the manufacturing technology of the highest level in the world.

 Production Marketing: Customer satisfaction first, and continual transpositional thinking. We are doing the quality, not the product.