About Us

      CALMAC, the Japan (Gao Mei) Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that specializes in skin care for decades, a luxury brand owner which involves design, R & D, produce, operations management, marketing, and after-sales service.CALMAC has the world's highest ability on R & D of cosmetics. It serves the top consumers, concentrate on the mode of PRIVATE CUSTOM, and it used to serve numerous top social groups.

    'Beauty first, and to devote the art of beauty to the beauty career.' To enhance the responsibility of industry, CALMAC found an new conception for travel service, from precipitation of the time. The original intention of the brand is ‘Personal enjoyment of high quality and floating feast of a beautiful life’, based on which CALMAC creates excellent, convenient and luxurious skin care set product.CALMAC makes its own progress in multiple direction like the luxury hotel, airline, cruise and so on to broaden the mind and add brilliance to the present splendor of those high-end consumption places.

    CALMAC is a newborn masterpiece of Mrs. Yamada Hiroko, one of the founders of KOSE (Japan). The product adopts Japanese top technology and is the fruit of decades of skin care product manufacturing experience. Each process has undergone thousands of experiments in order to ensure every step of procedure from R & D. Consequent test and improvement till the final release date. We determined to keep improving and to offer enjoyment of high quality to every traveler.

    CALMAC is adhering to the conception of being pioneer. The skin care series takes 6 years: Layout and planning in 2011, design and development from 2011 to 2015, volume production and quality test in 2016, meeting you in 2017. 

Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Original Intention:'Personal Enjoyment of High Quality and Floating Feast of a Beautiful Life'

Enterprise Spirit:Minimalism & Concentration

Enterprise Concept:‘Beauty First, and to Devote the Art of Beauty to the Beauty Career’

Enterprise Values:Luxury Improves the Quality of Life

Enterprise Vision:Subverts Industry Concept, Improves Quality of Life

CALMAC —— A brand that makes quality speak