Life is a journey full of unknowns, and every step is started by the "city traveller." It makes us to carry our bags and go through thousands of cities, and let us almost forget the initial heart that it never changed.

Some people get spiritual practice on the journey, others get inspiration on the journey.

Ms. Yamada is such an artist who is adept at discovering beauty. A coincidence business travel experience made her determine to take the first step of the brand's "initial heart journey", a landmark start. It is she who will write a classic masterpiece of "Beauty of quality" for "City traveller" with the spirit of craftsmanship.

In 2011, an irreplaceable passion put the first thoughts into action.

Go through the deed without giving up the pursuit and the initial heart of the study of the election, will be condensed to the perfect quality.

The precipitation and accumulation of time makes "CALMAC" stand out.

Adhering to the unremitting efforts of Ms. Yamada and the initial heart good at discovering beauty, CALMAC offers precious luxury skin care goods for "City traveller" of the new era.

Learning the high-end skin care brand successful experience, lead to CALMAC’s legendary quality. No matter the time stays in the east eight area, or shuttles across the horizon, you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of quality and beauty when the moment you use CALMAC! Dare to abandon unnecessary bags, bottles and cans. At this moment, just enjoy the luxury goods!

Full of a hundred years of craftsmanship, meticulous research and development, CALMAC covers wash and skin care series products and take care of the "city traveller" from inside to outside. CALMAC products use natural deep-sea mineral water, rich in about 60 kinds of help skin restore the essence of pure minerals. When you and I quietly in each wash, let the heart and the world be one, taste the irreplaceable beauty and delicacy, this is CALMAC’s greatest tribute to the "city traveller".

Only the true traveler has no fetters and the craftsman pursues the quality. This precious initial heart will be inherited by CALMAC.

With the power of high-end technology to combine the essence of the source, only wants to provide you nature and pleasure.

Quality comes from me, CALMAC comes for you--from now on, you can enjoy the beauty of the body and mind in the pure new world